Does the Internet need controls or censorship?

Internet need

Internet censorship is known to limit the publishing and viewing of information via the internet. Internet censorship happens whenever governments put restrictions on the publishing and viewing of material that is sensitive or harmful. 

Censorship is expensive.

Most countries interrupt the Internet in their attempts to control the internet completely. According to Brookings, the internet outage in Saudi Arabia destroyed 465 million dollars of GDP in May 2016. A variety of text and instant messaging applications, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype, was banned from Saudi Arabia, alleging they damage local telecommunication firms. As a result of Internet shutdowns in 2016, India lost 968 million dollars in GDP.

Manipulation of DNS

Officials in countries where the government controls domain name servers may “deregister” a domain that carries harmful content. As we mentioned last week, this makes the website unavailable by blocking the translation of domain names into website IP addresses. It is the same as receiving the wrong telephone number for the contact.

Filtering Packet

Scanning the actual contents of each page or filtering the packets is an even more refined method, one of the latest and most sophisticated technologies for Internet censorship. Data is sent over the Internet in little units called data packets. Consider a package as a letter including both the substance of your message and the instructions to be sent (i.e. sender and receiver addresses.) Routers that serve as the postal service of the Internet transmit packets from one computer to another.

Is the Internet Censorship Needed?

All are easily available on the internet. Graphic content often occurs in advertisements and pop-ups. What we are looking for does not necessarily correspond to what we want. Some connections, for instance, lead to sexual content while looking for social topics. This happens too frequently. Some websites utilize disappointing names to entice visitors. Because it is so simple for innocent people to find harsh, questionable, shocking, or explicit content on the Internet, the Internet must be regulated. Some websites should not allow people to consume pornographic content.

Internet Censorship Reasons

It is essential for the censorship of sexual, violent, or traumatic content that is harmful to everyone concerned. By filtering data, our personal and private information may be kept safe. Malicious websites will be prohibited to ensure the safety of vital information. Excessive use of the internet makes children sedentary. Data using sensors will be limited and controlled. You won’t be able to download malicious software or access dangerous websites. Some websites are aggressive in character and traumatize individuals. For example, in the Internet’s red region, websites broadcast live, either explicitly or violently. As a consequence, people may become traumatized or violent. Internet censorship will ban such websites.

Why should parents limit Internet time?

While the Internet has revolutionized our daily interactions, studies, and operations, it also offers major disadvantages, especially for children and adolescents. It affects other vital day-to-day activities, such as family and friends spending time, personal social interaction, schooling, study, and physical exercise. The serious consequences of too much Internet use are frequently overlooked, yet they may affect your children considerably. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to teach your children how to use the Internet properly and keep them safe. This helps the entire family to attain success while browsing the web.

Block Internet and Websites

Setting time restrictions on Internet use is a great way to save your children from potentially harmful online activities and encourage them to manage their time properly. When someone else is around, children and adolescents are less likely to participate in hazardous internet activities. After bedtime or while parents or guardians are away from home, the time to restrict or limit internet use is ideal. Screen Time Management is a parental control program like Net Nanny which enables parents to monitor how much time their children spend online. Parental controls allow parents to block hazardous websites and set their children to use the Internet for defined hours with changes to the schedule restricted to their parents alone.

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