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Even if you are an experienced developer, it may be difficult to create a great website. Some systems, like WordPress, simplify the process, but still require a lot of work. That’s where WordPress page builders come in. Page builders are programs that rapidly generate web pages by providing you with pre-constructed components that may be organized according to your needs. You may place them on your website, move them around and immediately see the effects.

Architect of Beaver

Beaver Builder is a popular builder plugin for the WordPress drag and drops page. You may get to know their user interface instantly and start utilizing their built-in onboard tour. Beaver Builder offers an interface that operates in real-time. You can see all your changes as you drag and drop things on your page from the right sidebar. By clicking on it, you may modify the characteristics of any element on a page. Modules may be used to add sliders, carousels, backgrounds, content blocks, buttons, or other components. It also has over 30 professionally designed landing page templates, making the creation of the website extremely simple and fast. According to us, Beaver Builder is very user-friendly. See our Beaver Builder tutorial to discover how to build personalized WordPress layouts.

Builder of Divi

The Divi Builder is another advanced WordPress page builder for drag and drop. Divi Builder is a true WYSIWYG editor which enables you to view your design as you develop, like the Beaver Builder and the Visual Composer. Using the Divi Builder plugin, you can modify everything including fonts, colors, size, spacing, etc., and create unique page layouts. You may create a beautiful page with 46 simple but flexible content components. You may organize the components in any way you like. Divi Builder is compatible with some of the best website constructors for small businesses. There are also more than 20 pre-made layout templates to help you start fast. It can also create, save and import your own Divi layouts and export them to other Divi sites. 

Themes Builder

The same Elementor interface is used to build your whole theme. Your header, footer, file pages, post pages, product/shop pages for WooCommerce, custom post templates, etc. are all included in this entry. You will discover specific widgets for common components and the ability to input information from individual fields dynamically.


Elementor is the first advanced WordPress page builder to be free and open-source. It is also one of the most popular builders of WordPress pages, with more than 2 million active installs. Elementor is a tool that is easy to understand and use for beginners. You can see your changes as you make them since the page constructors are visual drag and drop. You just drag and drop widgets to the appropriate place. If you don’t like anything, you may use the undo and redo capabilities of this page builder. There is also a history of revision so you can see what has changed. You may even return to a previous version if you like it! Elementor includes a built-in maintenance mode that enables you to show users a forthcoming or construction page while working on your site. Over 100 ready-to-use landing page templates are available from Elementor and may be modified to suit your particular needs. For an even better experience, Elementor Pro is highly recommended.

Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composer appeared to be on the way out when WPBakery Page Builder was launched. In reality, it has been great work, and it is not only a page builder for WordPress, but also a full-site builder. This refers to a visual editor that lets you change not only the content but also the layout of the WordPress site, such as the footer or header, without knowing how to code it. You may use Visual Composer to work with many configurable components and modify content and layout right at the front end. The user interface is modern, docked, or floating and offers quick training results. You will also get access to the Visual Composer hub with 100 content components and more than 100-page layouts to download and use. 

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